Arctic Dreams

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Close your eyes and imagine this: a duo of strawberry and kiwi, handpicked from the dreamiest of gardens, taking a daring leap into a crystal-clear, icy pool of light menthol. This isn't just a vape; it's a frosty escapade where sweet meets cool in a symphony of flavor. The strawberries bring their ripe, juicy sweetness, while the kiwis counter with a tangy, zesty twist. Just when you think you've grasped this fruity paradise, a gentle breeze of menthol sweeps in, lifting the experience to an ethereal level. Each puff is like a sled ride through a winter wonderland of taste, with a berry-kiwi sun hanging low in the sky. Arctic Dreams is your ticket to a frost-kissed fruit utopia, where every inhale is a refreshing dive into a pool of cool, fruity bliss. Warning: may cause an unexplainable affinity for cold climates and fruity snowball fights.

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