Fire XL 6000 Puff 5% Disposable

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Fire XL is a rechargeable 6,000 puff disposable device. C-Type charging with a short circuit protection and a premium mesh coil to deliver the best flavor possible. 15 different flavors available! This has 13ml of 5% (a.k.a. 50mg) salt nicotine juice.

Flavor Descriptions

Flavor Descriptions:

Watermelon Smoothie - Refreshing watermelon blend

Watermelon Colada - Interesting combo of watermelon, coconut and pineapple

Peach Mango - Ripe peach and classic mango come together in every puff

Guava Blast - True only topical guava in this bad boy

Tropical Smoothie - Sweet blend of classic tropical fruits for an island vibe

Strawberry Banana - Fresh sweet strawberry and creamy banana blend

Orange Juice - JUICY orange citrus, don’t have this one after you brush your teeth (haha)

Pina Colada - Iconic blend of just pineapple and coconut

White Peach Mojito - Crisp peach kissed with subtle mint for a very sweet and refreshing experience

Watermelon Mint - Sharp mint with a sweet watermelon exhale

Gummy Bear - Sweet gummy candy

Soul Mint - A minty flavor so crisp, sharp and cooling that it hits you right in your soul

Blue Razz - Iconic flavor everyone loves

Candy Crush - Sweet candy powder

Berry Blast - Perfect blend of mixed berries

Green Apple - Iconic sour green apple with out being to much

Grapefruit - Ripe grapefruit with a light dusting of sugar on up for a citrus flavor experience

Matcha Green Tea - Lightly sweet, with floral notes for a serene vaping experience

Mighty Mint - Whambo combo of spearmint and peppermint give a refreshing flavor with every puff

Black Mint - Sweet mint with ripe Blackberry

Aloe Grape - Sophisticated grape and soothing aloe mingle together in every puff

Banana Ice - Classic sweet banana popsicle with icy menthol

“Fire Bar”

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