Hi-drip 100ml

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Melon Patch: Juicy pink watermelons are turned into a succulent candy creation that you’ll never want to take out of rotation

Nectarine Lychee: Crisp and smooth lychees are combined with juicy nectarines to provide you with a sweet and exotic gummy candy that always hits the spot

Peachy Mango: Plump peaches and tropical mangoes are turned into a magnificent candy that’s sweet, tangy and outrageously bold

Island Orange: Blood oranges and luscious pineapples produce a sensational flavor profile that’s turned into a phenomenal candy for your vaping pleasure

Dew Berry: Succulent, smooth honeydew and juicy strawberries are blended with sugar to give you the candy flavor of your dreams

Guava Lava: Bursting with exotic guavas and lusciously succulent strawberries

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