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"Peak Dew" – Elevate your vape experience to exhilarating heights with this zesty, cool fusion. This e-juice captures the effervescent spirit of a lemon-lime-orange soda, then takes it a step further with a refreshing menthol twist. Picture yourself at the peak of a towering mountain, the view breathtaking, the air crisp and invigorating.

The adventure begins with a citrus trio – lemon, lime, and orange – each bringing its own vibrant character. The lemon is sharp and tangy, a zingy splash that awakens your senses. The lime follows with its bright, tart essence, adding a layer of zest. Then, the orange rounds out the mix with a sweet, juicy burst, like a ray of sunshine in a cloudy sky.

As you bask in the citrus medley, a cool breeze of menthol sweeps in. This isn't just a minty afterthought; it's a well-integrated chill that transforms the soda experience into a frosty delight. It's like the exhilarating rush of cold air when you reach the mountaintop, refreshing and invigorating.

"Peak Dew" is for the vapers who seek a blend that's as lively and refreshing as an alpine adventure. It's a vape that's both bright and cool, perfect for moments when you need a burst of energy and a breath of fresh air. So take a puff and let "Peak Dew" transport you to the summit of flavor and freshness.

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Please note that this is a 70/30 Blend and that selecting the salt nicotine options does don't change the flavor power or consistency of the juice it is simply a more potent nicotine option.

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