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Twist 60ml (Zeros)

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Product Details

Once known as Pink Lemonade Punch Twist Eliquid, Pink No. 1 is a cryptic new name for a tremendous pink lemonade flavor. A classic and complex beverage vape flavor, you get the refreshing, tart, sweet and sugary notes of a cool glass of pink lemonade. A formula well-suited for all-day direct to lung vaping.

While it is easy to second guess Twist Eliquid’s new naming convention, which has all the descriptiveness of list of artificial colors, there is no doubt that these eliquids were built to last. The reason for the popularity is evident. Watermelon Madness Twist Eliquid blasts your taste buds with a pure flavor from start to finish. The cloud production is great in this 70 percent VG eliquid.

Menthol and fruit vapes are synonymous with nic salt vaping. In point of fact, the flavor formerly known as Iced Pink Punch Twist Eliquid is also available in a very popular nic salt. But in this case, Pink 0° Twist Eliquid is a balanced all day vape optimized for subohm and direct to lung vaping. The original name, Iced Pink Punch, explains it all. A blast of mint layered upon a beautiful pink lemonade eliquid. A hint of mixed fruits rounds out the mix but this is primarily an iced beverage vape.

HoneyDew Chew Twist e-liquid is one of the best flavors Twist eliquids makes. Whether it is a potent nic salt or this higher VG freebase nicotine formula, the flavor simply sings. Hard to believe the inspiration was honey dew melon, a most unwelcome interloper in most fruit cups.

Strawberry Crush Lemonade Twist Eliquid was at one time known as Strawberry Mason Lemonade. Today, the name is being changed to Crimson No. 1 Twist Eliquid. The name may look more like an AP College Football poll but the flavor is the real deal. A refreshing and cloud heavy flavor that generates consistent flavor, the mix of strawberry and lemonade is perfect. The combination of strawberry and lemonade may look familiar to vapers, particularly those who like nic salts, numerous eliquid and disposable vape companies have embraced this blend and it is one of the hottest flavors in vaping.

Blend No. 1 is delicious fruit punch inspired eliquid that works as well as a traditional eliquid as it does as a nic salt. While Tropical Pucker Punch Twist Eliquid is a more apt name, Blend No. 1 does a good job of describing where this eliquid stands in the grand pecking order of fruit vapes. It is one of the best.

If you thought menthol and fruit blends were only for nic salt vapers, think again. Cantaloupe, mixed melons and the surprisingly delightful honeydew melon prove to be a great combination. They are further enhanced by the subtle but cool minty kick which gave the flavor formerly known as Chilled Melon Remix Twist Eliquid its name.

The original name of this 70 percent VG liquid was Peach Blossom Lemonade Twist Eliquid. And this name effectively encapsulated the subtle peach notes, syrupy peach inhale and balanced lemonade foundation which made up this wonder eliquid. Yellow Peach Twist Eliquid may not have the same ring to it but it is still ridiculously delightful.

At least Twist Eliquid was able to keep the name wild in this flavor’s name. Wild Watermelon Lemonade Twist Eliquid was an incredibly aptly named ejuice and Wild Red really doesn’t tell you anything. But don’t worry. The great watermelon and lemonade flavors have not been changed and it is just as easy to enjoy this 70 percent VG eliquid all day.

Twist eliquid has pretty much eradicated cookie references from their product names. But fans of Banana Oatmeal Cookie Twist Eliquid can still enjoy their favorite flavor. It just happens to be named Banana Amber now. Whatever that could possibly mean.

Just to clarify. I have no idea what “amber” means in regards to vaping. But it seems to be a synonym for cookie. At least according to Twist Eliquids. Frosted Sugar Cookie Twist Eliquid was the original name given to Frosted Amber. It is a name that says it all. Sweet. And then some more sweet on top. Vanilla and a doughy crunch that somehow captures the feel of a cookie in a pillowy cloud of 70 percent VG eliquid.

The third and perhaps most confusingly named of the “amber” eliquids by Twist. What is Berry Amber? Probably not what you think it is. This flavor was originally named Frosted Honey Graham Cookie Twist Eliquid. Amber must mean something to formulators that escapes the layman or even the professional reviewer. But there is no escaping the vaping delight Berry Amber delivers. The graham cracker honey flavor backstops a bold berry flavor. Overall, this is a great dessert vape with unique cookie and graham cracker flavor elements that allow it to be enjoyed all day.

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