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  • Juul Charger Gem

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This magnetic JUUL USB charger by The Gem is a great addition to the your JUUL as this is a wired USB cable and you don't want your JUUL too far away from you. FEATURES: - 2.6 Feet Long Cable

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  • AWT L8-2A Charger

    What’s cool: 8 channels! Output Current – .68A x 6 channels or 2A x 2 channels  Digital LCD display USB output allows the charger act as a power bank to charge other USB devices Automatically stops when charging is complete and...

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  • Batteries

    Hohm Grown 26650:  High Discharge INR Flat Top Battery 4307 mAh Rated Capacity 3.7V Nominal Voltage 32.3A Continuous Discharge Maximum   Hohm Life 18650: High Discharge INR Flat Top Battery 3077 mAh Rated Capacity 3.7V Nominal...

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  • CM Ready Box RDA Coils

    Item SPEC. I.D. (mm) Material Res. Fused Clapton 26*2+39AWG 3 NI80 0.3 Clapton Parallel 26*2+39+26AWG 3 NI80 0.3 Triple Clapton 26*3+40AWG 3 A1+NI80 0.25

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  • CM small vape tweezers

    Coil Master vape tweezers are revolutionary and multifunctional tools for vapers. The tweezer is a perfect tool with ceramic heat-consistence tweezers on the one end and a wrench on the other,which allows you to unthread stuck bottom ends with ease...

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  • CM wire cutters

    These wire cutters from Coil Master are a great tool to add to your arsenal. Coil Master Wire Cutters can handle even the thickest of wire and snap it like a twig! Retire those old and worn out wire cutters and pick up a fresh set!

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