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  • Snowwolf Coils (single)

    The SnowWolf WF Coils (5-Pack) are a brand new addition compatible for the MFENG Kit series and WOLF Tank, featuring an extensive WOLF WF Coil System with mesh options. Now available in X Series with...

    $4.99 - $5.49
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  • Snowwolf Wocket Device

    Snowwolf Wocket Device

    The SnowWolf WOCKET 25W Pod System is a sensational all-in-one vape kit, implementing an integrated 1150mAh rechargeable battery, NiChrome coil composition, and built with lightweight aluminum alloy...

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  • Snowwolf Wocket Pod

    Snowwolf Wocket Pod

    The SnowWolf WOCKET Replacement Pods (1 Pod w/ 2 Coils) are a set of flavor-enhanced cartridges, crafted for the WOCKET Pod System, that can hold up to 3mL of today's popular eJuices, feature a...

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  • Snowwvlf Exilis Coils

    Snowwvlf Exilis Coils

    Pods: The SnowWolf EXILIS Replacement Pod (1 Pod w/ 2 Coils) is a set of new pods, crafted exclusively for the EXILIS XPod System, implementing a 3.0mL Juice Capacity, sleek and ultra-portable...

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