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RDA Building Gear

  • CM Ready Box RDA Coils

    Item SPEC. I.D. (mm) Material Res. Fused Clapton 26*2+39AWG 3 NI80 0.3 Clapton Parallel 26*2+39+26AWG 3 NI80 0.3 Triple Clapton 26*3+40AWG 3 A1+NI80 0.25

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  • Coil Master Case

    Coil Master Kbag is a multi functional, multi purpose adjustable case for all your vape gear.Carry your Mods,Atomizers,E-juice,wicking supplies and so much more.Everything you need for vaping can now be carried in one convenient bag,the Coil Master KBag.

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  • Coil Master RDA Coils

    Species Material Winding Wire specific Resistance Inner diameter Wire size Packing Hive Kanthal A1 5 (30ga+30ga) x 2 0.5±0.05Ω 3mm Ø1mm 10PCS Flat Twisted Kanthal A1 6 0.2mm x 0.8mm x 2 0.36±0...

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  • Cotton bacon Prime

    That's right, the folks at Wick 'n' Vape have further refined their already exceptional, industry standard cotton wicking! Cotton Bacon Prime promises to wick 33% faster than traditional Cotton Bacon, boasting better wicking than any cotton on the market...

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  • EZ Dripper

    EZ Dripper was invented for you the drippers to make it much more safer to drip inside your car. How many of us have attempted to drip into our atomizer while inside of car? And out of those how many have ended up coming close to causing an...

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  • Kendo Cotton

    Kendo pride themselves on producing a product from 100% organic Japanese cotton that has absolutely zero taste, features superior absorption and allows easy switches between different flavours.  100% Japanese organic...

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  • Native Wick

    PLATINUM BLEND - Native wicks began with a simple idea, create the highest quality, best performing wicking material. Since the release of their original Pima blend, and with much gratitude to their loyal customers, they've become a world leader in high...

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  • Organic Japanese Cotton

    Organic Japanese Cotton is one of the best vape wicking material known in the industry. Praised for its absorption, durability and great flavor reproducing qualities. One pack contains 10 pads.

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